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Academic Staff: Olga Machado de Sousa Carneiro

Olga Machado de Sousa Carneiro
Department of Polymer Engineering
University of Minho, Campus de azurém
4800-058, Guimarães
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
+351 253 510 320
Academic Staff
• Design/optimisation of extrusion dies and calibrators for profiles
• Production and characterisation of innovative thermoplastic composites
• Development and production of new extruded products
DENCHEVA, N.; OLIVEIRA, M. J.; CARNEIRO, O. S.; POUZADA, A. S.; DENCHEV, Z. - Preparation and Structure Development in Microfibrilar Composite Materials Based on Polyethylene-Polyamide 6 Oriented Blends. Appl. Polym. Sci. In press (2009)

NÓBREGA, J. M.; CARNEIRO; O. S.; GASPAR-CUNHA, A.; GONÇALVES, N. D. – Design of Calibrators for Extruded Profiles: Optimizing Multi-Step Systems. Intern. Polym. Proc. Vol. XXIII (2008), p. 331-338.

CARNEIRO, O. S.; REIS, R.; COVAS, J. A. – Small-Scale Production of Co-Extruded Biaxially Oriented Blown Film. Polym. Testing Vol. 27 (2008), p. 527-537.

LEER, C.; VAN HATTUM, F. W. J.; GASPAR-CUNHA, A.; CARNEIRO, O. S.; BERNARDO, C. A. – Tailored-Shear Extrusion Carbon Nanofibre/Polyamide Composites and its Effect on the Electrical Percolation Threshold. Plast., Rubber Compos.: Macromol. Eng. Vol. 35 (2006), p. 268-275.

NÓBREGA, J. M.; CARNEIRO, O. S.; PINHO, F. T.; OLIVEIRA, P. J. – Flow Balancing in Extrusion Dies for Thermoplastic Profiles. Part III: Experimental Assessment, Int. Polym. Proc. Vol XIX (2004), p. 225-235.