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Academic Staff: Júlio César Machado Viana

Júlio César Machado Viana
Department of Polymer Engineering
University of Minho, Campus de Azurém
4800-058, Guimarães
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
+351 253510320
Academic Staff
• Mechanical behaviour of Polymers: yield, fracture and impact; deformation mechanisms; structure evolution during deformation;
• Relationships between processing, morphology and properties of polymers;
• Non-conventional moulding techniques (for property enhancement and multifunctional behaviour);
• Advanced polymer systems: high performance polymers, biodegradable polymers, “smart” polymers/mechanically active polymers, nanocomposites and nanostructured polymers;
TODOROV L.V., MARTINS C.I., VIANA J.C. - Characterization of PET nanocomposites with different nanofillers, NanoComposite Materials - Solid State Phenomena, Vol. 151, 2009 pp 113-117

SIMOES, CL; VIANA, JC; CUNHA, AM - Mechanical Properties of Poly(epsilon-caprolactone) and Poly(lactic acid) Blends, J. Applied Polymer Science, 112 (1), 2009, pp. 345-352

VIANA, J.C., SIMOES, R., MANO, J.F., OLIVEIRA, M.J, DENCHEV, Z.Z., BROSTOW, W., CUNHA, A.M. - Thermomechanical processing environment and morphology development of a thermotropic polymer liquid crystal, J Applied Polymer Science, 115 (5), 2010, p. 2991-3004

TODOROV L.V.T., VIANA JC – Characterization of PET nanocomposites produced by different melt-based production methods, J. Applied Polym Sci., 106 (3), (2007), 1659-1669

37. SILVA CA, VIANA JC, CUNHA AM - Novel morphologies produced by active shear rotation during injection molding, Macrom. Mat. And Eng., 292, (2007), 655-665